Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Noisy Neighbours

Two people are moving in next door to us they look like “young adult’s” One of them was a guy who was a tank and looked like he would destroy everything in his way. He was built of muscle and looked very angry as he walked into his new house which looked like a mini mansion. It was a house the size of to lands combined I hid in the corner while he was in sight as I was scared of him. Then this lady walked out of the passenger my mouth opened as wide as an O and dribble came out of it. She was extremely hot no wonder she had a type of guy who was a tank. Later that night I went to bed but I couldn't sleep over all the loud music being played from next door. So I got up and went outside to have a check and see what was going on. I peeked through the window and all I saw was adult with drinks in their hands and some of them looked like they were having to much fun. So I went back to my room and decided to blast my own music so they would be quite. Who knew neighbours could be hated in the space of a few hours when they move in. I waited a while as I had thought my music had put them off because I couldn’t hear anything. But as soon as I turned of my music My room starts shaking all I hear is their Dj Blasting music as hard as he can. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I tried to fall asleep while covering a pillow over my ears. But that wasn’t stopping the vibrating. So I decided to go over and steal some of their stuff so that their sound system doesn’t work. When I enter there was no one to be seen but the Dj. I decide to crawl behind all the furniture hoping he wouldn’t see me. I pull out a switch when I see it the sound had stopped but I had to go back quickly. Unlucky for me I was spotted. I get up and try running but that option really was pointless as the tank was grabbing my t-shirt. He asks “What are you doing here little boy?”  I reply sadly “I can’t sleep you music was to loud.” The lady comes and heard what I had said. She calls the party off which meant the music would go as well. She said “there you go sweet” patting me on the head if i’m some dog. I quickly run out and back into my room and say to myself “that was easy”.

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