Thursday, 4 May 2017

The new student

The last time I met someone new that is someone important to me is one of my good friends Ashley. She was new to our school and I never even new who she was. One day when  my parents ran a holiday program she was there with one of her friends named Evie and Bill. When we had to partner up her two other friends always partnered up so me and her were always left to partner up. At that time we always partnered up And started to enjoy it.

The next term school started again and we split apart again for a bit. Throughout the next couple of weeks we had netball trials. Me and her both played the same position and ended up doing all of the drills together we enjoyed it and than ended up having to do it together more and more at lunch times. We became very close and started to do everything together. Me and her are still friends to this day and I hope that that can continue. We still do the same things at lunch and are still great friends. She is in my class and though we annoy each other sometimes we are still friends.    

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