Thursday, 4 May 2017

The new person in the school

Welcome to our very big school! We have a lot of sports, health learning and of course fitness, we have great teachers here, a lot of students and of course a lot of classrooms. With our school, we do a lot of sports but we only choose to do it from years 5-6 and 7-8. We go to the first round which is called central counties, which means if we win we are central counties (we also do girls and boys team, the sports we do is Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Athletics, Orienteering, Cross country, and many more. At this school we have many opportunities, we even have a school anthem our school began in 2006... so on. Almost every Friday we would have celebrations, and more and more. I hope you have had a great welcome to our school and have a fun year

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