Wednesday, 3 May 2017

the new people

I was looking out my window when a big van pulled up. The van backed into the drive way next door,  the driver and the passenger hopped out and opened the front door. I thought in my head, i will leave it for tonight and have a look in the morning. That night i couldn't get to sleep. I woke up wondering what and who the people where next door, I opened my bed window to see what was happening, cause i heard some one yelling. All i could see was a dark house with no lights on. That morning i got up early to go to school and i say someone that i didn't know. " That could be the new kid next door " i said to my self. That day at school i couldn't concentrate at all. When i walked home from school, the new boy was right behind me so i went and introduced my self to him. he didn't talk to me he ignored me. When i got back home i looked back out my window and they where gone.

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