Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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Once there was a family that moved into a house next to mine they were a different family there kids would not go to school.But when all the kids in the street came home from school they would come out and play on there bikes.
they arrived at NZ last week they were from a foreign country they did not speak English so we could not understand them but over the year they started to learn English.
Image result for cartoon suitcaseThe reason that they moved over her was because they had no where to live at their country so they got a chance to come to New Zealand and redo their lives.they were so great full for coming to NZ.
In the morning they would cook breakfast and sit out side looking at are house taking really loud .
then at lunch they would always go out and go to subway and get a foot long sub of the day and on the side of that they got coke and they would not just get one they would get four and they would drink it all.
As the years past they got one cats and two dogs they would not clean there dogs our feed the cats.there dogs would not stop braking at our house every morning and night those doge would not stop.
The next day i went and told them if they could do something with there dogs and cat but the neighbors said sorry we are moving today and we are taking the pets are so now there is going to be no nose then she shut the door and got in there car and left.
They where never seen again.

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