Thursday, 4 May 2017

The day I met my best friend...
It was day like no other, it was when I was little I was really shy, and I never wanted to make friends I was really shy, and I always sat at the back of the class no one noticed me,but I liked it that way until..., One day I was picking flowers for my mum, and then three little girls came running up to me, I ran in fright, hiding away from them, I would not get out of the hiding spot until they left, so when they left I got out of my spot and went back to picking flowers.
Then the blond girl came back aka Ella, and said Hello do you wanna play, I didn’t respond because I was really shy back then, and then Ella said that's nice flowers you got I said, thank you there for my mum, and then we ran away into the sandpit and played every single day. And then me Brooklyn, and Chloe became friends. And we started to play.
Until it was time to go to Reremoana Primary school. A couple years later we are year 8. And that's how I met my best friend. By Caitlin.

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