Thursday, 18 May 2017

The bully

Bullying is an important issue that the author, Katherine Paterson, writes about in this novel. People bully others for a variety of reasons, one of which is simply to get attention. Write about how you respond if someone tried to bully you. What would you say and do? Why would you respond this way? How would you respond if you saw your friend bullying someone? Write about these two scenarios and share them with a partner.

It was a normal day, coming to school, I had my backpack on and my lunch as normal, just at the school gate I spotted my friend, Hi I yelled, and smiled, she gave a fake smile back and strode towards me like an angry bull. I shivered, I knew that look, the look of pure frustration, and angry, we called it the death stare.
I back away slowly, trying not to make eye contact, I didn’t dare to take off my sunglasses, otherwise she would be able to see me clearly, and mayby try and hurt me. My friend had anger problems and was a short tempered person, if anything went wrong, she would have my guts for garters.
“Agatha” she half in a wild tone, while gritting her teeth. I smiled, phew this thing wasn’t about me “I’m not Agatha, I’m Lilly I said in my head. The I did something I regret doing, I laughed at her.

Georgia stared at me and frowned, don’t you laugh at me, you know exactly what happened, I shrugged and said, “no I don’t because I’m…”,  Georgia stopped me just before I could reveal my real identity “Because what! It’s all your fault,, if you hadn’t told bobby to meet me outside the class none of this mess would’ve happened!” Georgia yelled, and with that she punched me in the nose and cracked my glasses in two.
Georgia stepped on my toes, and looked at my eyes, she burst into tears, “Lilly!?!?” she picked me up to see if I was alright, my nose was bleeding and my toes felt as if they were broken, I had a bully for a friend?
Georgia rushed me to the nearest class in tears, “help help” she wailed, my toes were aching, bandages were getting wrapped around me, I was shocked, my best friend, punched me in the nose. Although I knew it was an accident, I still had mixed feelings about her, was she my friend, or just an acquaintance, I couldn’t tell anymore.

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