Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Australian's next door

Our neighbours moved in a few weeks ago across the road. These 2 adults are very loud and annoying. There names are Joey and Jasmine. It is a lady and a man. Every night since they moved in, they have been having party’s. These people come from Australia. Back in Australia they would party from early afternoon to early in the morning. It’s hard to get sleep around this place. I don’t know how they do, to be honest. As they come from Australia, it’s party central over there. They are bringing the party to New Zealand. YAY!!! No. I’m like a walking zombie the next day. Falling asleep in class, getting in trouble for not having enough sleep, and the list goes on.

I’m starting to think i’m going crazy. Something's gotta change, I can’t keep living like this. As we living in a neighbourhood, full of younger kids, it is hard at night to get them to sleep. All they do is cry the whole night and you can hear them cry from a few metres away. Something's got to be done about these Aussie’s they are disturbing the whole neighbourhood. I can speak on behalf of everyone who is having a hard time with this, and that is we have to do something.
We can’t just let these Australians come into Wattle Downs and take over. That’s just not okay, and I’m not one to just sit around and take it.
These people came to Wattle Downs to get away from their family in Australia for a while. No one has any idea of how long they are staying, but I hope it’s not for long. These people are driving me mad, no one else has done anything about it, so I will.
One other thing still bothered me. How do they know so many people, and they have only been here for a few weeks. They must be good friend makers, because i’ve never seen anyone do that so fast.
After a few days, the police showed up at there house. The policeman told them, they had had a number of complaints about them. After that they had been given a warning. They stopped and made a big apologize to everyone. Everyone wanted them to leave, because of the racket they were making. In the end everybody became good friends and they decided to stay in Wattle Downs for many more years.

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