Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Stop Bullying

Me and my friend were walking to school together we were both talking about how every body had been mocking us about our face, how we look, and how were the only ones who actually do our work. We both said to each other

“We are not telling our parents about this”

We both agreed and just wanted to get these days over and done with so we didn’t get bullied ever again. So we arrived at school with sweat on faces and shaking bodies. Someone walked up to us and said

“Hi my name is Sam, I am new here, could you please show me around?”


We both said. We showed her around the school and then took her to her classroom she said to us ‘i'm in room 8’ us too.

“You’re probably going to sit next to us which is in front of the teachers desk”

he teacher had came in and sat at his desk. He said to Sam

“what’s your name?”

“My names Sam”

Well everybody meet Sam. Everybody started laughing at her I don’t know why but she started to cry and yelled out

“Why are you guys laughing at me all I did was I introduced myself THAT'S ALL!!!”

She walked out with anger and cried her heart out. We walked out of the classroom and asked her if she was alright she answered with NO! So we told the teacher

“Can we have a lesson about bullying so that the kids would never bully again, PLEASE!”

“Sure why not”

So the teacher explained to not bully again and read us a story about bullying. There was a story about a girl named Ceyanne and when she was a preschooler her auntys dog bite her in the face. When she had started second grade everybody use to mock her face (she had stitches everywhere). She didn’t tell her parents because it was too much. When she had got home she had always went into her room and started crying every single day but her parents never found out that she was getting bullied. It had carried on through all here school life. Her grandfather was a pastor and told her that God made everyone the same, he also told her she was beautiful in any way he could name it.

Ceyanne began to believe what he had said and through on her life she didn’t carse what anybody had said to her about how she looks. The only thing she cares about is her personality and her family.

“So kids did you learn anything about why we shouldn’t bully”

The teacher had said. All the kids answered yes. They had all apologised to me, my friend, and Sam.

So if you are ever getting bullied never keep it to yourself. When I was a year 6 these kids started bullying me because I had no friends and just sat down on a bench just waiting for the bell to ring. I said to them

“Stop I do not like what you are doing to me I am just a random human just like you so can you please stop”

I said. After that I ran to a teacher and said to her can tell these kids to stop bullying me. After that my parents had come in and was talking to the kids parents and had solved the problem. So after a few days the kids had said sorry to me and we have all moved on.

So if you are bullying kids under your age it is actually really bad and is sad because its not their fault for what they are doing it's your fault you’re the one bullying.

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