Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reremoana School (Welcome Wagon)

In Reremoana school we have a huge variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities for our students such as : Sports, music, our Fitness program etc.

We have MOSTLY kind and friendly people at our school, which makes it easier to make friends here. Our school is also provided with a fitness program to keep us fit, all the teams in the school have their own fitness rotation for each day, it might not be the best thing in the world but it helps if you play sports.

Speaking of sports, the school opens up many opportunities for the students, we have a variety of sports to choose from e.g Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Orienteering, Soccer, our Reremoana school even gets the chance to compete in the annual Aims Games. Not all of these sports are after school activities either, for some of them the selected team/s  for which ever sport you are playing are taken on a field day. This does also mean you need to catch up on schoolwork though (so don't think you're lucky not having to do any work for a day).
Aims Games - The Aims Games
Trials start in Term One and the teams are selected in the first week of Term Two. The Aims Games are held in september in Tauranga.
Music Program - We also get a chance to Learn how to play Musical Instruments, you won’t get forced to do music, it is optional for the students and families. We  have an assortment of different Instruments you can play e.g - Guitar, Piano, Flute etc.
BYOD - Our school is one of the few lucky schools where the students get to Bring Their Own Device or Bring Your Own Device
Or BYOD. This basically means that we can Bring our devices (chromebooks)  to work on, we do most of our work on chromebooks, we are also provided with school chromebooks if you are having trouble trying to get one of your own so there is no need to panic.
That's Reremoana school for you, hope you enjoy learning here !

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