Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reremoana School

Reremoana, Reremoana, Reremoana what an incredible school. There is a lot of amazing things I could tell you about Reremoana but I’m afraid there just isn’t enough time. Reremoana is a school of over 430 students. Reremoana is an amazing school that can provide lots for you or your child.

Opportunities is one of Reremoana strong points especially when it comes to the kereru team. Reremoana is recognized for their sports quite a lot for example we have won the central counties girls sports cups for the past 2 years. We all enjoy the sports even if we may not know what to do all the time. Our teachers create lots of opportunities and do lots of outside school activities which we are very grateful for.   

Here in room 8 we welcome all type of new students, our class has lots of different people and places where those people come from so you will fit in with someone easily. We are a class of 29 and all enjoy lots of different things like sports, reading, writing, the musical arts and much much more. We have all learnt to treat each other with respect and loyalty and enjoy each other's company quite a lot.

The main reason why students come to school is to learn and R

Reremoana is also amazing at that. In the kereru team we have different classes for different levels in learning. There will be a place for you or your child to learn and improve lots somewhere. In the classes there are lots of things done to help and have been specifically made for your child, as our school logo says we all Learn, grow, and succeed.

Apart from all the sports and learning that we do we also have lots of extra curricular activities like our cultural groups. There is a kapa haka group, Pacifica group, Chess club, Chamber choir, J-Rock and much much more. In these groups we learn all about the coultre and how they do things or in the chess and J-Rock club we learn how to do the sport and  think of more activities and ways to make Reremoana a better place.   

At reremoana we also have lots of leadership opportunities for all of the students for example we have a student council for year ⅞ students. We have librarian leaders student leaders portfolio’s and so much more. We all improve our leadership skills and so much more like confidence.

Reremoana school is such an amazing school where people learn grow and succeed everyday. I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoys the safe environment reremoana provides. We all love it and I’m sure you will two.  

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