Thursday, 11 May 2017

Reread the part of Chapter Three in which Jess and the others are running. Think of a sport you have participated in. Write a play-by-play account of one of the captivating moments of the sport. Write your account so that the reader will feel the buildup of energy and excitement of the sport.
The game had just started and we were all busting our gut to get the ball, being center fawad I had to run up by the goal, and try and score, and it felt like tonight would be my night, the faster the ball was coming to me the harder the slaps from the hockey sticks would be to get with me. Smack the ball rushes towards me a full speed, I tap it to the goal, but just miss, the glory floats away and I feel tense inside, but still know that tonight my night.

Running after the ball I feel the excitement rushing towards me, speeding up the side of the turf, FOOT! Days one of the refs say I back up, ready to tackle the ball, the hand, the coach calls me off the field handing me an ice pack, lucky if wasn’t broken It was just soft tissue.
I insisted on going back on the field,so the coach gets me up and puts me back on, I run like a heartbeat pushing thru the pain, I run up making an astonishing pass, brushing the incident off my shoulder like a piece of dirt. I run up towards the goal giving another pass to the person on the post, they tap it in, and our team gets a goal.
We celebrate in happyness, and all jump up in joy, chanting "ALF-RI-STIN!", "ALF-RI-STIN!", "ALF-RI-STIN!"

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