Thursday, 11 May 2017

play by play

2016, A Tuesday night, at 5:05 pm. And the mystics were playing at AMI netball court.We did our team chant and we were on the court ready to play. I was playing GS and the rest of my team was in the other positions waiting to start.

We were waiting to play and I was wondering what team was going to win because we had heard good and some bad things about the other team and that they would cheat.

I looked at dannielle and said " let's do this". The buzzer and the ref blew the whistle. we we off to a great start, 1 minute in and we had already gotten 5 goals. The team we vs caught up to us but then they got to a stand still. The first half was finished and we were losing but not by a lot.

The third quarter started and we caught up and ended up being in front by a lot by the end of the quarter we were 18- 7.

The last quarter started and we were winning by a lot 28 goals and we had 3 minutes to go. The end buzzer went and the game was finished we had a fantastic win the score was 32-9.       

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