Wednesday, 10 May 2017

play by play

It was 11:30 our game was at 12:00. We had a huddle and did some passing and running drills for the passing drill we did a squash and passed it around. Also we did 1 2 and then shot. For the running drills we got hurdles and jumped over then. It was finally time to play our game, we huddled up again and did our pumas on 3 1, 2, 3 pumas.

The game had started the opponent had the ball Kiero spirited to try get the ball he in 3 ses he had the ball. He has a long shot and gets it in goooaaal!! Pumas has scored in 5 ses 1 - 0 up.

Image result for soccerThe opponents run down the side gets past 2 players and has a wide open shot he takes it nooooooo he miss a wide open shot. The keeper kicks it up to Avansh. Avansh sprites down the line with his amazing pace and passes it in for Daniel and he nipped it in . What a sweaty goal, great work by Avansh and Daniel.

What are they doing the puma team there taking off the ST for privea their CB I think they're crazy. Privea gets the ball and shots outside of the box everyone was wondering why he shot that. There was 2 men inside the box, that’s missing OMG!!! He got it top bins everyone is going crazy.

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