Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Orienteering 2017

The Reremoana school orienteering teams took off to one tree hill ( Cornwall park ) to go and compete at the intermediate schools Auckland champs for 2017. This was the first year that we took all of our teams

 ( Year seven Boys and girls, and the two  year 8 teams ) For some of us this was this was our first time going to an Auckland champs event and for some of us this was the last time we would do orienteering for Reremoana. We left from school at about 10:00, we were all very nervous and had huge butterflies. When we arrived and got off the bus we could all suddenly feel those butterflies we had but it was 10 x worse this time. The team captains went to go check the time and course we were all running. The order went Year 7 boys, Year 7 girls, Year 8 girls and the year  8 boys went last.  

The orienteering course was very challenging for all of us, there were 6 different courses and every person in the team had a different map. There were lots of different obstacles on the course such as animals, hills, and styles. I think we all agreed when we said that there was lots of mud. We all gave 100% and did the very best of our abilities. We were proud to wear the Reremoana pride.
The year seven boys had a very successful day as there team came third overall they also had Caleb Honey who came third on his course and ran a time of 23:38, they also had Bill Axon who came 3rd with a time of 24:57. The year 7 girls also did really well there team did not place but there were two individuals that placed second - Kendyl court who ran 27:55 and Evie Scott who ran 26:54. The year 8 girls weren’t as successful but still came 6th overall there times were faster but weren’t as lucky. We also have new reigning Auckland orienteering champions - our very own year 8 boys the team includes - ( Zach Honey, Mitchell court, Tyrone Solley, Owen Pattison, and Avansh Kumar ) The team had lots of successful results such as Zach honey who came third on his course with a time of 22:57, Tyrone solley who came second with a time of 22:39, Owen Pattison came second with 23:16 and Mitchell court who came first on his course with an incredible time of 20:26.

It was a very successful day, we were all proud of everyone who competed on the day. It was an unbelievable day and everyone enjoyed themselves we were all so happy to go and compete for Reremoana school. All of this wouldn’t of been possible without Mr Fourie he helped us get there and helped us prepare for this day.

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