Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Order lunch at Reremoana school today.

Order a lunch order at Reremoana school.

At Reremoana school we have lots of cool and good. One of them are the schools lunch order system. It has many nice things on it and they are all pretty cheap. Some of the things are macaroni and cheese, mini pizza, chicken nugget rolls, juices, Moses and the list goes on of nice and yummy foods. It’s easy on your parents because they don’t have to get up early and make your lunch they can just give you some money and you can order it.      

Image result for reremoana schoolAt Reremoana school to order a lunch order we try to make it as easy as possible that way little kids can do it and new kids can. You can either bring money in on the day you want to have a lunch order. You get a menu from the office and then take it home so you can decide what you what to have in your lunch order. You bring your lunch order into you class lunch order box and the and the monitor will take it to the lunch order room and pick it up at lunch time. Reremoana school also has a online shop and on there you can order a lunch order as well it will give you the same option and your kid will get it same at it the same time as the rest of the kids in the school. Just remember that if you do want to have a lunch order that you still have to pack morning tea for you kid to eat.

Image result for cartoon mac and cheeseOn a cold day it is very nice to eat something warm. It might be raining hard and you're very cold and if you're not the monitor you don’t have to get wet but you get to enjoy and nice warm lunch. At the lunch order room there is a nice variety of food and most of it is warm. It is cooked well and put in a strong paper bag. If you think there is something wrong with it they will replace it with a new one or if the don’t have another one they will give you the option on what they have there. They will give you your change sellotaped on the outside of the bag.

Every Tuesday at Reremoana school we have a combo for fundraising for the Aims games. It costs five dollars and has one main thing in it, cookies and a small bag of veggies chips. Each week it changes from macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pizza and potato topped pies. They are always nice tasting and hot. It helps everyone at the Aims games. If you don’t know what the Aims games is it is the biggest sporting event for year seven and eight in New Zealand.

I believe that if you go to Reremoana school you should get a lunch order whether it is in class, online or supporting the Aims games. I definitely would get one because I would want a warm meal on a cold day wouldn’t you.                                

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