Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Annoying neighbours


Our neighbours just moved into the house next to us, They seem like nice and reliable people who enjoy different things. They all have heaps of different hobbies but it looks like there main hobby is soccer. They have 3 daughters and two sons all between the ages 0 to 13. There names are Lilly,, sally, Callie, tom, and Caleb. In my opinion there family is a bit weird but I  guess i have to be nice because they are new.
They moved from a country I could not tell from what they were wearing and the furniture they were carrying into the house and the fact that they were wearing jandals and shorts in the middle of winter. it looked like they came from a country that it was really hot or that it was summer. In their family they have a mum, dad, 3 girls, and 2 boys along with one poodle, two great Danes, four  rabbits and one cat.
They moved into wattle downs because they thought the schools in wattle downs would be better for their children so I guess they are staying but if they came to the same school as me then I am telling my mum to move me into a different school.  
When I found out that they were coming to the same school as me I gave it a week to see how they were. When I got to know them they were all fine and they were actually no annoying the mums voice is really annoying.     

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