Tuesday, 2 May 2017

New Neighbours

A new family has moved into our neighbourhood. They live right next door to us where the old grumpy man lived. It is a family of four. One son and one daughter (mum and dad). There names are Jackson and Gabriella. It looks like they are from Samoa but very rich looking. They are all very nice and respectful to each other, unlike me and my brother we hate each other. But our parents say that we will like one another.
Me and my brother were so excited to meet them because we have never had kids living next door to us or even in the neighbourhood. So me and my brother went to go visit them and try to make friends with them. So we ran to their house because it was right next door to our house. We had saw them play a lot of sports in their backyard like soccer, volleyball, and tag. Both of us thought that we could play activities or sports with them. I mean we could play all that in our backyard but we can’t our backyard is too small for both of us to play in.
So we arrived at the house and knocked on the door to see if they were home.
“Hello is anyone there”
We said

“Oh yes, coming”
Someone said?

Me and my brother were waiting patiently at the doorstep to say hi.
“Oh hello”
“Hi there we were wondering if we could play with use in your background and be friends.”
“Sure it’s good to meet our new neighbours, come in”
“Mum and dad! Were playing in the backyard with the new neighbours”
"ok! be safe"
So me and my brother were whispering together about these wonderful kids how they let us into their house to play with them. Usually no one would let us play with them, because they thought that we were horrible just for our arguing. But we weren’t as horrible as they think we were.
So we started to play a game of soccer and the teams were me and my brother vs Jackson and Gabriella. The point of the game is to score as many balls into the goal and to win… It was a tied game so all of us tied with 6 all. I asked what school they were going to.
"Clayton Park"
What you guys are going to the old school me and my brother went to ‘Clayton Park School’. That is the worse school of Wattle downs I wish you could come to my school ‘Reremoana’ it is the best school to go to.
In the end we all became friends also our parents did so I think that they are going to stay here for a very long time.

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