Monday, 8 May 2017

Meeting someone new

At rugby training i met someone that was new was at rugby but got the hang of it.His name was Zane
I asked him what sport did you use to play and he said”Cricket” and i was like so surprised that a person from cricket came to rugby that's like the opposite because cricket is a non-contact sport.

I showed him some rugby skills and taught him how to tackle and where to put his head in the right place and he kept training hard but sometimes he would get injured because of where he tackled.As we kept training we would stretch then we would practice our moves and we would be setting in our positions.

Zane asked me if i knew how to play cricket and i said sort of but i don't know the rules but i have played cricket before but at school for P.E .Our training had ended and we went inside because it had started to rain every had ordered some food and Zane was sitting next to me and we were talking about games and like he asked me do you have a Play station 4.
When we came back to training all Zane was taking about was games games games and i told him that we could talk about games after training.

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