Saturday, 13 May 2017


Netball is my favourite sport, netball is a game were there is 2 teams with 7 players on a court from both teams. Netball is suppose to be a non contact sport but some people make it a contact sport. Netball is a game with 4 quarters each 15 minutes long. T positions is centre (C), wing defence (WD), wing attack (WA), goal shoot (GS), goal keeper (GK), goal attack (GA), goal defence (GD). In netball there is rules you have to follow.

- offside, is when you go in to a place were you are not allowed like when the goal shoot goes in the centre third or centre goes in the goal circle. When you get a offside you will have to hand the ball over to the other team.

- Stepping, stepping is when you have the ball and you move your grounded foot or you land and then you move both of your feet. If you get called up for stepping then you have to hand the ball to the other team.

- Replay ball, replay ball is when the ball is in your hand and it bounces out and you catch it again, this means you have to hand the ball over to the other team.

- Contact, contact is when you touch someone when they have the ball in there hand, you would have to stand beside the player and you would have to stand down until they have passed the ball.

- Obstruction, is when someone is not 3 feet away from the person trying to shoot or pass this means you have to stand down as well.

Netball is a very fun game that girls and boys can play. although netball has so many rules netball is still so fun.

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