Thursday, 18 May 2017


My Terabithia would live in a rain forest, it would be a small little tree hut, that is nice and cozy, it would be woddon on the outside, and a tiny colourful and bright on the inside, inside it would feel like home, but even better than home. I would also have a ladder that goes to another room down underneath the one I just explained you to.

I would only let my best friends inside my tree hut, and only I would let people come into my tree hut that I trust. I would tell my friends you would have to keep my hut a secret so that people don’t just come in without my secret passcode or my permission.  My Terabithia would be AMAZING, my friends, and I would go on lots of adventures, and try figure out mystery, we would do fun challenges.

Inside of my terabithia I would have a lot of things like mostly I would do DIY'S to make it look cute, colourful, and fun, I would also have chairs, or bean bags, I would have food bushes out side so we could eat some food, and also some lollies. I would have pictures on the walls to make it look fun. My place would be magical, and beautiful, with destiny, and it would just be a normal life for me and my friends. My Terabithia would be AWESOME.

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