Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My terabitha

If I was to build and design a Terabithia, it would be deep in the forest with some of my friends that I can trust. I would want a big tree in the centre of the forest with a fort. I would get one of my friends to make a huge painting of all of us in the fort together and place it on the tree.

I would take one of my friends on a walk to experience what it’s like to have our own Terabithia in the forest. Me and my friends would get a thick rope and tie a knot on the bottom so we can hang our legs on it or our bottoms on it. We would climb up onto the tree and tie the rope to a strong branch where we can all swing on it. But we would have to put it over a lake so that people would be scared to go over. (It’s just like in the story).

Inside the tree’s there would be a secret elevator going down to an island with magical a tree in the centre exactly like Terabithia but with all of the memories of all of us and each of our family and generation that have died. The tree would have a fort in the tree (like in the leaves) so no one would find us and put wood on the ground and walls and just have an open roof to see what’s in the sky.

I would then go back to the normal Terabithia and just imagine it would be the same!!!

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