Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My new neighbours

New neighbours are moving in today, trucks are coming down the road to there new house, next door to where I live, I am very excited to meet them I could make some new friends, I peeked through the window, and opened the slightest bit so I could hear  them. I saw a family heading down to their new house in their car they parked their car in the drive through got out of the car, and started unpacking their furniture out of the trucks. They were a family of five, the mum, the dad and then three girls, the three girls looked the age  14, 12, and 8.
After they got all the furniture out of the trucks they all came over to my house to say hi and introduce themselves the oldest child name was Rosie the second child's name was Izzy and the smallest child’s name was Ellie. They all were really kind and sweet, they also offered me to come over for lunch, and stayed over till  2.00,I said yes and stayed for a while before I was about to leave to go home but I wanted to say one last question I said to them “Why did you guys decide to move down here.
The oldest child ( Rosie ) said bad things were happening down in America like people were threatening to kill our family so we decided to move to the best country where everyone  loves to go  ( New Zealand ), we think it's a great country to live in and hopefully we will stay in this house as long as we can. I said thank you for letting me stay a while and headed back to my house, did my homework and went to sleep.

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