Thursday, 11 May 2017

My friend Zoe

Imagine you have met someone from another country and he or she asks what game you like to play or activity you are involved in. Write your answer, describing what the game or activity is, and the rules and regulations. Who can participate? How did you get involved? Don’t follow Jess; be truthful and write about the real game or activity you like.
In Tonga I met this girl named Zoe And she asked me what game I like to play I said man hunt, I had been at the resort for 5 days now and Zoe jus came. She wanted to play it with us.At night we all play or we play flashlight but it is really fun at night and scary at the same time.When You play manhunt one person has to be in and the others go and hide, It is kind of like infection, but not. When you tag someone they will become in with you and they have to find the rest.To play man hunt you need to set some boundaries so nobody goes out and you won't be able to find them, we set the road as out bondie.

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