Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My dream Terabithia

Image result for rain forest tree houseI would have my Terabithia in the middle of a rain forest. I would access my Terabithia from trails I would create to get there. It would be hard at first, but after a while it would be amazing. I would make many different tracks in case I would forget a way. I would have it in the rain forest because there are hardly any people there. Having my Terabithia in the rain forest will ensure it stays secret and no one would know about it. My Terabithia would always be kept secret and I would make sure of that. That is one of the main reasons why I would have my Terabithia in the middle of the rain forest.
I would only let my friends come into my Terabithia. That is simply because Terabithia could be our special place. Also because Terabithia is secret and no one else would know about it. Another reason why I would only let my friends come to Terabithia is because they would be good company to have around. I wouldn’t be bored and would actually have people to talk to, and because i’m an only child that would be great for me. My Terabithia in the middle of a rain forest would be great, and it would be even more greater if I spent it with my friends.

Image result for dream wordI would be encountered with a lot of adventures and challenges, because it’s the rainforest. I would encounter challenges because in the rainforest you would be able to find heaps of things to do and adventures you could go on to find things. Which would also be really fun to go and find things. Challenges I would face in the rain forest would be that for starters it is a rain forest. It would be hard to find a lot of things in the rain forest and that would create a few more challenges. There are heaps of challenges you could face in the rain forest. But over all it is an experience you will never forget.
Image result for tree house cartoon insideMy Terabithia would be amazing. My Terabithia would be a fun and inviting place where we could all hang out. In the rain forest there would be heaps of branches and wood and I would use that to build my very own Terabithia. I would also make it a magical place so people would feel welcome and not be scared of the place. A place where they could just hang out. I would have some fun decorating Terabithia. Terabithia is an amazing place for Jess and Leslie. A special place for them. This Terabithia will end up being an awesome, amazing and special place I will have. I will also be able to spend it with my friends. It will be a welcoming place and just a place where people can hang out.
Image result for terabithiaInside my Terabithia I would have a lot of things we could sit on. Like bean bags. Another thing would have to be food. Any Terabithia would be complete without food. Food is a vital part in my Terabithia. My Terabithia would have a lot of fun things in it because it’s a place where you can hang out. I have said that many times before about hanging out. In this story. Inside a magical place it would be magical. This is a place where me and my friends would have to be kids. Kids that have a normal life, but also a weird one because we are in the middle of the rain forest. Like the middle of a rain forest is a bit crazy for girls to hang out. But it would be amazing to have my very own Terabithia in the rainforest because I would know it would be secret and no one would find out about it. Terabithia is an amazing place and mine would be that much better because I would be able to spend it with my friends. Sam’s Terabithia. Amazing!

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