Monday, 8 May 2017

Meeting someone new

Well the last time I met someone It was Gabe Neels he was over the fence and said Hi. I got a huge freight I said Hi back. He said to me stay there I will get my brother he is about your age. That's when I met Zach Neels I thought he was the nicest boy in the school and I still do till this day. I always went over there and we played minecraft or skylanders or even watch some movies. He was my best friend until I went to school and I met someone else. His name was Tyrone Solley He was my first real best friend so far he has been in all of my classes except for one, and he was the one who showed me around the school. Zach Neels got me into minecraft and since then I have loved it, but I gave another game a try called (Roblox) this game was so fun I played in all the time with my new best friend Ethan Wills and I Still play this game.

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