Thursday, 4 May 2017

meeting someone new

The last time i met someone new was when i was with my cousin at his new house and i had stayed the night with him and we went to one of his mated house and i met his friend. I felt normal when we went in but it was a bit weird because i was still getting use to my cousin's new house and then the next day we went to his friends house so I was a bit nervous but i got over it after a while . Me and him got to ,know each other good because me and him were friends with the same person but there was a bit of some weird moments when it would all go quiet because we did not know what to do. I don’t really know but what i do is just go with it and not be too nervous because the more you fight it off the better you will be able to meet them the first time and every other time you will not be as weird around them because you have got to know them properly. I can make a memory to when i first met my best friend and it was at one of my parties when i was little and i had not know who was invited and then he showed up because my mum and dad were good friends with his dad and mum and me and him started playing and we were together for the whole entire time and every one else was doing there own thing but he was a bit cheeky because he tried to steal all the lollies when the adults were outside and not looking but he only go to get 2 handfuls before he got caught then he left but then his dad invited me over for a sleep over the next night so i went to his house and we were playing on the Xbox and watching videos on you tube but then his dad walked in and gave us a whole lot of lollies and popcorn so me and him were up all night watching videos having fun on the games  and after that me and him have been best friends ever since and he had moved close to me,, me and him have been seeing each other every day after school or in the mornings before he does something in the weekend.

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