Thursday, 4 May 2017

Meeting my best friend

The last time I met someone new was Angel-lee. When I first met Angel-lee she was very shy to talk to anyone and I didn't know what to talk about because she might not be into the things I like (sports). But as a couple of days had past I got to know her really well and started to become friends. The emotions I felt was happy and excited because she is a new kid I haven’t known before and she is a very lovely girl. When I started to talk to her  about sports she told me that she loved every single sport that I said and in fact she played a few sports aswell like netball, touch, rugby, and ripper rugby.
As days went on me and Angel-lee started to be coming closer friends and started talking to each other about the things that we like. It felt a bit awkward when we first met but then we got a hang of it and started to hangout a bit more often than we use to do.
When meeting new people you have to just walk up to them and just say hi to them so they don’t feel left out, like me when I first went to Reremoana it felt like I was being left out but when a couple of days had past I had made some friends and started to hangout with them instead of sitting down all morning tea and lunch time just waiting for the music to go. So if you are new dont fell like you’re being left out, just say hi to other people so they know who you are.

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