Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Journaling prompt

One cold frosty day I walked to school and put my bag in the clock bay and my teacher Mr Blake said we have a new kid in our classroom could he hang out with you for the day. He arrived to school and he was wearing the red school jumper and navy shorts. He came over and asked if he could play football with us. We said yes only because he was the new kid.
His name was Avansh he is my friend  till this day I hope and my and next door neighbour. We didn’t really get along at first because he was a stranger to me and I didn’t know what he was like.

To overcome your shyness you can talk to random people in your neighbourhood or go on stage and talk with confidence. You could get good at sport and then you can make new friends in your sport team or your fitness group.                   

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