Monday, 15 May 2017

Journaling Prompt

Have you seen that kid in the newspaper about the kid who cut his hair of for charity yeah that's me so i have been through some hard times and bullies. One of them would be adults getting confused about my gender like I was in the male bathroom once and, I had just finished up and then this man walks in and, then walks out looks at the gender sign looks at me confusingly and, then looks at the sign again I then look at me again, then I told the man your in the right bathroom. I responded to my bullies and said hey at least I’m growing my hair for a good reason unlike you. I respond this way because that's just the way my parents raised me and they taught me not to let anyone just push you over and put you down that easily. If I saw my friend getting bullied I would have stepped in for him or her and absolutely roast the person right out of the park.

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