Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Journaling prompt:new strange neighbors

These people are really weird and they used to be hobo’s but they got enough money for 1 week rent at the house next to me they used to live on the streets of auckland city.

Then they used to pickpocket people to get some money and that's how they got here.

They have 4 people in there family they said the streets of auckland city weren't nice and that they wanted to move into a house for at least one week.

And they told me they had to resort to cannibalism sometimes they also said before they have five members in their family that means one of them is dead.

I jumped over their fence and looked at the attic and it was full of guts and blood and masks I realised they were serial killers.

I did not want to call the police just incase they heard me and came into our house at night.

I told my friends about this and they then called the police they got told the can live there for awhile so for the rest of the week I had sleepless nights but the moment they left they went straight to jail.

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