Thursday, 18 May 2017

Journaling prompt
The start of the day and you have to get ready for the big one ahead you get ready and know what you need to accomplish you take your stuff and put it in the back of the car. You start heading to the pitch and realize that you need to get ready so you run back to the car and get your gear you put your gloves, shoes, socks, and shin pads on before heading out onto the field. You can feel you body shivering as you are warming up with your other teammates there is you in goal and your other guys in front of you taking shots. So the game is starting and your team rushes the ball and you see the ball go flying into the air as you move closer it head right down towards you you keep going and it hits the ground but bounces so you wait then the ball comes down and into your hands so you have the ball and you kick it right down to the other side of field with all players chasing after it you head back to the goal and you get ready for the next ball that you know will be coming your way. So you are waiting but then the ball is in the other team's feet they are heading your way you are ready but there is no defence to help you so you need to run up and cleanly get the ball without them getting past you and scoring so you gradually move forward as they moved forward they take the shot when you aren’t ready but the ball is in the air you need to run back in goal to save it you are running as hard as you can you get back to the goal and put your hand up to realize that you have saved it and the game is over and you made your team win if it was not for you your team would have been dead.

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