Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Journaling Prompt - My Best friend

About 11 years ago I meat our next door neighbor. Their names were steve linle kelcie and keegan. Keegan was also 1. So we’ve been best friends for all our life. We did christmas, birthdays, easter, street parties and new years together. We meat when my brother and Keegan's sister play with each other
Image result for best friendThe last time I meet a new mate was 3 years ago at school when it was a cold day and school student. Ever since when he moved to our school he’s been my friend and his name is Avansh. We got along okay at the start because we weren’t in the same class. But then the next year we were and we got along really well.
To overcome your shyness of making new friend you can talk to people in your neighbor or on stage in front of everyone in school. And get good at sports.


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