Thursday, 11 May 2017

Journaling prompt

Imagine you have met someone from another country and he or she asks what game you like to play or activity you are involved in. Write your answer, describing what the game or activity is, and the rules and regulations. Who can participate? How did you get involved? Don’t follow Jess; be truthful and write about the real game or activity you like.
One day I was walking down the school halls when I saw someone I had never seen before, I examined them for a while, and soon realized that they were the exchanged student, so I shrugged my shoulder and walked on, walking to the direction to my class. Looking back at this I remembered the girl say something to me, although I have forgotten what she said, I remember only two words, “wanna play” I turned around and hesitated, she was wearing grubby blue shorts and a yellow unicorn t-shirt. I smiled and replied with a “yes, but at lunch not during class”, she smiled and ran away.
During class all I could think about , was what I was going to do at lunch, what game was I gonna play. After a wild of brainstorming I came up with the idea, of a whole class hockey game, yes that was it, a whole class hockey game.

At lunch I told my whole class what was happening and they were super keen to participate,so at lunch I told my new friend all about the game we would be playing. Becky my so called new friend, had no clue on what the game was, she hadn’t even heard of the game before, I smiled It was time for me to prove my leadership.
Getting ready for the game we all grabbed the school hockey sticks, walked over to the school turf, I explained all the rules, and every one merged into their positions, I was center middle, and my new best friend was center fawad. She loved it, in fact the game was so successful, that the teachers decided to make it on every wednesday, and me and my new best friend, were the co coaches, it was amazing.

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