Thursday, 18 May 2017

Journaling prompt
I like to play football when i can but i am not in a team so i like to practice in the backyard playing hockey but other than that i like to play on  the xbox because it will calm me down when i am really hyped up because i will be able to play where i want to and i can play with my friend and talk to them it is able to do 4 players but i really play by myself. But when i am playing by myself we can have more than 4 because we are out in the open and there is a lot more space because the game has there own set up but we can play with as many people as we want to which will create a whole lot more fun because there will be more people that we need to go up against. Even though it is only practise you still need to try so what i do is play by myself to get use to the handling but when i need to practise something different i will get someone else to help me with it because i can just get my brother or my mumu but really i will be playing by myself in the back yard with a hockey stick and a soccer ball, but if you do not like those i do have a basketball hoop that i use lots as well because it is really good to burn off some energy that i have because i have lots of it at some points of the day and i will need to go out there and throw the ball around a bit instead of the sitting inside and trying to hold in all the energy.

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