Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Journaling prompt 5

If someone had tried to bully me first of all I would just go away as that is a way of both of us not getting in trouble and no harm will be done. But if he doesn’t go away and starts following me it becomes a problem and from then you want to find an adult you trust that might be able to help you out in the situation. But there could also be no teachers around. If this was the case and I had nothing to do I would confront the bully and hse what he has to say and what’s he gonna do. If it’s for some ridiculously stupid reason which it probably might be just say something like that’s ridiculous you're gonna get in trouble for no reason. This will probably make the bully think. Then that’s the time where I turn around and run and go find a group of people which makes me safer than I am alone. That's always my go to strategy if I ever get bullied or someone attempts it.
If it was my friends that were getting bullied I would go and stand my ground right by them because I know if they saw me in that position they would do the same thing because that’s just how my friends are. First you would talk to the bully and ask him why you doing this? He will respond with rubbish. Since there is two of us that gives us the power to just walk away as you feel less pressured when you have a friend by you. What would probably happen is that we would ignore the bully and start playing whatever sport is being played. Because it’ll be easier to forgot about the situation if you completely forget about it and start doing something you enjoy

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