Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 4

My favourite game is J-ball, everyone has a chance to get the ball, and you can have as much players you want in the game. You can either use a rugby post, or you can use a volleyball net, you also need a ball. But you need to have players on each side of the rugby post, or volleyball net.

When you are about to play the game, first you need to know the rules. So you first have to throw the ball to the other side so you can start the game, either side can start with the ball, so you throw it over, but it landed on the ground, so if the ball lands on the ground then one player from your team has to go on the side, and they can’t play anymore until the next round, but you also can get out heaps more other ways like, if you throw the ball too far, or you throw it to low down, then you also can get out.

But if you catch the ball from when the other side throws it to then you don’t get out of the game and you can keep playing and having fun. These are basically all of the rules, but this is a really fun game, and you should try it sometime. Caitlin.

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