Friday, 12 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 4

I love basketball I mean everyone in my class pretty much knows that. The rules are pretty simple once you start bouncing the ball you can’t stop and then start bouncing the ball again. You can’t run with the ball , When your going for a layup you can only take three steps, you can’t smack the opponent's hand or legs or anything. You can’t go back passed half way once you have already crossed half way. You can shoot from anywhere on the court. Any  gender can participate you just need to go to the library at lunch in term 3 in the first or second week of the term. Basketball is game with 5 people on one team and 5 people on the other and you goal is to get down to the other side of the court and try and score a point and the other team is trying to stop you from scoring.

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