Thursday, 11 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 4

My favourite sport I like to play is football. Sometimes it can be ruff and tumble other times it can be two teams playing great football. It requires a lot of fitness as we do play the full size fields when you are aged 13. You run up and down constantly defending and attacking especially if you’re in division 1 and fighting to get out of it. Our team do get along very well we have always supported each other in training and on the field. Except for Kairo and Andre sometimes they start to mumble at each other. Football does require fitness but there are some good qualities to have that make you a better player like dribbling,skills,speed,communication,stamina ,and a good shot is the best one to have. If you have a good shot our team expects you to shoot from anywhere and be close. Just like last week how one of our team mates scored in amazing goal in the top right corner. As in any other sport there are rules in football as well they’re not the best rules but we still have to follow them like no handballs, no shoving to hard, no arguing with the ref, feet on the ground when a throw in, goalkeeper must stay in his box if save is to be made,no tackles from behind, each half 30 mins,offside rule, no overaged players aloud to play or team has to forfeit,  and you can only leave the pitch as a sub when the player coming of has fully left the pitch. It doesn't sound like great rules but most of these rules are pointless they're just there for the sake of it no one really does these things at our age except the shoulder pushing the becomes a big problem in our game. But you will enjoy football it’s a great way to build up stamina for running good way to make friends and there is lots to talk about when you are a football player. You basically know what’s happening around the world of football and that becomes a conversation at trainings. So you should try out football you will enjoy and it’s a good way to fit in to schools as it’s popular at our age.

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