Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 3

Rrrrrr! The whistle blows the game has kicked off. Straight of the top Kairo has taken the ball from a half a sleep Beachlands team he takes walks through the defence like they weren’t even there lovely finish into the bottom corner. The ball has been kicked off again by the Beachlands. It’s Rewa who have been controlling the game the Beachlands without an attack yet. Wait what’s this number 7 girl from Beachlands has just made the Rcm and Rb look like fools but it comes to an end as the defence are awake. The ball is passed in by Tobi it reaches Daniel he smashes it the keeper has no chance as it was just to powerful.First subs of the game Avansh and Mikill both coming on and returning after holiday. Here comes Avansh down the wing with his speed can he get his first cross of the game above the ground today he does and it falls straight to Daniel that’s 3 for Rewa. The 4th goal just before half time Avansh cuts in and passes to Kairo he takes it along the 16 yard box and strikes 4-0 to Rewa. Half time. Beachlands look out and done for could it be possible to do worse? The ref blows the whistle to call in the teams for the second half both teams enter very slowly. The ref blows it’s Avansh to take the one man kick of for Rewa. Rrrrr! Second half begins looks like Avansh and Daniel have swap sides. It kicks off from the start it’s Rewa again they get in shooting range but it’s just wide. Rewa aren’t taking their chances there hitting everything wide. Here comes Avansh with a good opportunity one on one with the keeper but he chose to pass it he curls it with the outside of his boot to Daniel and Daniel smashed it into the side of the net. The keeper glued to the spot as he had no Idea what had just happened. That’s 3 assists for Avansh and a Hat trick for Daniel. Beachlands have been playing in Rewa’s half for awhile now but they aren’t looking a threat as they pass it by the halfway line. The midfielder had enough they all push for the ball. Kairo gets and takes it wide and gives it inside were Avansh is standing. He goes in a gap with three players just touching the ball past them.He doesn’t have space but he takes a shot. It goes straight in the bottom corner keeper made an effort but it was just to close to the corner. Quick succession the Rewa boys have another chance as Michael plays it to the edge of the box. Avansh takes the ball and shoves people out his way to get through he smashes it near post that's 7. It’s coming to an end but Rewa’s cm with a strike OOOO!!! What a strike the team goes wild as it goes perfectly into the top corner. It ends 8-0 well played by the Rewa boys and for Beachlands better luck next time.

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