Thursday, 4 May 2017

Journaling prompt 2: Meeting my best friend

Meeting someone new and befriending them is always a challenge, but is a blessing when you meet you bff for life. It was 2008 when I met one of my best friends, she was very shy, and didn’t talk to anyone of her age, she was the shy kid, the one that sat in the back of the class all day, nobody noticed her.
But one day me and my friends went out for a stroll to go to the sand pit, (our favorite place to play), it was the place where we backed mud cakes, where we would  build sandcastles, and also the place where we would run around, and fall into our little holes we dug, especially for the occasion. When I saw a little girl my age sitting by the bars of the kindy picking flowers for her mum.
She had beautiful red hair, bright purple glasses and stormy grey eyes. I got my mates gathered up and told them about the girl I saw, the watched me as I slowly approached the little girl, she ran in fright of us, and hid. We stood, until they said, “this is boring, lets go”, and so they left.

casually , and curiously I followed them, but stopped in my little tracks, “who am I to leave this girl behind”, I started running, running towards the girl, who emerged from her hiding place. I stopped, “hello I’m Ella wanna play”, she didn’t respond. “Nice flowers you got there”, she smiled and said “thanks, there for my mum”,”I love…” I won’t bore you with the long conversations we had, because it wasn’t that important, it was 3 year old stuff.
And from that day on, me and (one of) my best friends have stuck together like glue, and till this very day we still  holed the same friendship, as to when we were 3.

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