Thursday, 4 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 2 - Best Friend

Not to long ago I had to move to this school so I know exactly how moving and making new friends feel like. It started of with the principal Mrs Harland showing us our classroom my sister's first an afterward my one. My first teacher was Mr Blake he had asked me “do you like sport” I replied “ Running and Football.”. He told me to go outside and join the game that they were playing outside in the morning. So I went out to play people I hadn’t even known the first person I had talked to was Rittivong and Calien we were talking about Football and after awhile we started playing.. After 20 minutes I walked away with Rittivong and he had said hello to someone named Jordan. He asked him”who’s this” Rittivong replied “he’s a new kid at our school. I started hanging out with Jordan after that for some reason. He showed me around and we talked about where I came from and things like that. So from then Jordan for me became a really good friend and I liked being around him a lot. After 3 or 4 days we had realised that we were basically neighbours there was just one house in the middle that was separating us. From then on we started hanging out on the weekends and all of that.  For me Jordan is a big help he is always there and a great friend really but he’s a nice kid he’s always thinking about others before himself that’s what's really cool about Jordan. So ever since me and Jordan played football that day that’s exactly when it started.

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