Thursday, 4 May 2017

Journal Prompts

Journal prompt - 2 
Informing people about what we offer throughout our school.

Welcome to Reremoana School. We are a school of over 450, located in South Auckland, Manurewa. Reremoana is a full primary school, and intermediate.  We are a decile 9 school, and over 80% of our students live within walking distance which is a major solution for families. We currently have 18 classrooms, but in future that will increase. Reremoana goes by the slogan, Learn, Grow, Succeed, which perfectly represents our school with who we are and what we stand for.

Reremoana is a school you will enjoy, and I can guarantee that because of the opportunities that are available throughout your whole Reremoana experience, and the education provided.

Welcome to room 8. We are a class of 29, and our teacher is Mr Munro. Room 8 is a year 7 & 8 class. However Mostly year 8’s, considering there's just 5 year 7’s, including myself. We are a very friendly class, we will welcome you with open arms and teach you that room 8 way, and continues.

After school we have heaps of extra curricular activities, offered for students to excel in what they specialise in. One of them is netball. We have a school netball club, that plays at Ami situated in Mt Wellington on tuesday nights.  Netball is a place where you can meet new people and work as a team, just like the other sports we offer.  Another ECA is hockey. The school plays hockey through Alfriston hockey club. There are 2 teams you could play for. Knights or Arches, depending on your ability. We also compete in tournaments around Counties, and there is always a oppurtunity make it through to Auckland championships depending on your results throughout the qualifying rounds.

Journal Prompt - 3
L.I - When was the last time you met someone new? What emotions did you feel? Did you get along right away or was there some uncomfortable quiet time? How can people overcome their shyness when they meet new people? Can you recall how and where you met your best friend?
The last time I met someone completely new was Camille, when she was new to our school. She had a friendly smile which made it very easy to go and introduce ourselves. A way for people to overcome shyness when first meeting someone, is to ask questions about themselves and to see if they can relate, which could lead to further conversations in the future. I met all my best friends practically through netball, however I met Jess when I was visiting the school.

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