Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Journal Prompt

Brr the whistle blows, Evie passes the ball to Cameron, Cameron passes up to Cullen, boom Cullen, scores first 5 seconds of the game. We start off again in defence trying to get the ball out of there territory, bang the ball is taken off beach lands and smashed up the side line. Evie goes for the ball crosses it in ooh just missed by Cameron, another ball goes flying in the air down to where the defenders were. I run up to it and bang a header down to Xavier, Xavier keeps running with the ball up the middle his head is down concentrated on the ball, shoots, scorers, 2-0 to us half time. While we munch down some oranges the coach tells us what is going good and what is going really bad, we start off again, beach lands are getting faster and faster when passing the ball, someone gets passed me I need to grab it back but guess what, I was way to late they had already scored by the time I got there. Beach lands still behind 2-1, but during the end of the game there was a mistake happened by beach lands, they let us score 4 more times, so it became 6-1 at the end, a good win for us and now for the next round!

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