Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Journal Prompt - New Neighbours.

As a moving truck approaches my street, I remembered it was the move day for my new neighbours. However as they arrived they certainly brought a peculiar vibe with them. They needed four moving trucks, and had only two people ending up living there, or it seemed that when I was outside. I heard a lady's voice screaming another language, at her fellow roomie, whilst they were walking next to the letterbox. They both looked identical from when I clapsed eyes on them when they were directing the moving truck, however there size of height tells a different story.
As time went on from the day, they decided to approach me whilst I was checking the mailbox. They greeted me with a smile and told me there names, Jill and Chris. They told me that they had recently moved from Christchurch to Auckland and began renting, until they could move here, Wattle downs. They seemed very friendly, and installed a safe and relief type of feeling, considering if I needed anything in the future I knew I could ask them.

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