Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Journal Prompt - Chapter 3

Basketball Games:

First Game -
The day that we had our basketball match against St Anne's Angles. The Angles score the first point, and then we start taking over. 5 minutes on the clock and the first time out was called. 22 - 12 was the score for the first half, Substitutions were made and different teams were on for the next half. Our team started playing hard out and the scores were going up. the final score was 30 - 37. The Reremoana Rockets had won.

Second Game -
On this week, we versed The Timberwolves. We started leading by 10 points, it was going to be hard for the Timberwolves to catch up to us. Eventually, they did start catching up but not much. Owen Tried making a buzzer beater, he missed. Half time score was 15 - 4. The clock was ticking, Everyone was sweating was sweating. Zac shoot's a 3, misses, gets the ball and shoots, makes it in. The game was over, we won the game

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