Wednesday, 3 May 2017

It was a normal day when I heard the news, someone was moving into the house next door TODAY! The time came I looked outside the window and saw a LAMBORGHINI pull up outside the new house I knew they were going to be rich.
It took a while until they got out the car it was amazing when they did.First out came the mum, a posh looking lady with gold rings and necklaces then out came the dad, He was wearing a black top on with long jeans and a platinum watch, Then came the daughter she looked pretty (But not prettier than me) Anyway she came out with deep red high heels and pink lipstick she was wearing a fluffy gown with dark tinted sunglasses. And last person to come out was the son I melted when I saw him he was amazing my friend was next to me by the way we both screamed in excitement,Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg my friend kept saying.He walked inside his new home and we lost view of him.
Me and Stella looked at each other and blushed .I asked my mum how long they may be staying here for and she they told her around 10 years YESSS I screamed out loud and my mum looked at me in confusion “sorry mum” I said and then Stella and I scattered up to my room.

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