Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to play Monopoly!!

In Monopoly Empire, the first person to fill up his or her tower with brand billboards wins the game. Therefore, you want to buy as many brand billboards as quickly as you can to fill up the spaces on your tower. When other players land on billboard spaces you own, they will have to pay the amount of money you’re billboard height reaches on your tower. If the other player runs out of money they do not go bankrupt, so the other player simply takes the one on top of his or her tower and gives it to the player who requires it.

Decide who will go first. Well before you start the game you have to choose your game token. When you’re deciding, you can either go for who has the highest roll or go with the original monopoly rule which is the youngest goes first. You then follow a clockwise pattern for turns. When
 it is your turn to play you will need a specific plan to help you get the big brands ( e.g. Xbox, Coca Cola, and many more ). When you’re rolling a double ( e.g. 2 and 2, 4 and 4, 5 and 5..)you get to take an extra turn, if you’re rolling a six and a six you get to move 12 spaces ahead. But if you make 3 doubles you will head straight to jail and won’t be let out until the next round (when it’s your turn). You will then have to pay 100 hundred dollars to the banker so you can get out of jail and then the it will be the next player's turn. If you have performed an action of getting to a brand billboard that no one has purchased then you will decide if you want to buy it.

Bid on spaces that player don't want. If you happen to land on a billboard that you don’t want then bid it. The bid can go on to a thousand if the player wants it really bad. The banker will be in charge for the auction of the brand and the bidding starts at $50. All follow up bids must increase ments of $50, such as $100, $150, $200, $250, etc. The highest bidder will get the billboard and must pay the correct amount of money to the bank.

Use the sneaker swapper icon on the die. If you roll the handshake icon on one of your dice rolls,  then you can perform a sneaky swap as one of your turns. This means that you can exchange two topmost billboard tower tiles. For example you can exchange your topmost billboard tile with another player’s topmost billboard tile, or you can just swap the tiles of two other player’s. You can have a choice if you do want to use the sneaker swapper, or you just move your game piece the number of spaces that you rolled on the other die. If you do use sneaky swap then don’t move your turn.

Keep playing until someone wins. The player who fills his or her tower first wins the game. Monopoly Empire can take over 90 minutes but it can also go very fast. Well that brings it to the end, this is how you play Monopoly Empire!!!

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