Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to order your lunch might save your day

Lunch orders are usually bought by putting some money in an envelope and writing on that envelope what you want but there's a new way to order which is online so that you don't forget to put it in the lunch order box.But online ordering is better because it is easier and faster but if you don't have Wifi all you need is envelope and pen and money but you always got to remember to put it in your class lunch order box but i'm not really good at remembering things so i always do it online.It depends what you want to do because i personally think that online is better because it is way easier for me and its quicker but as i said offline is for people who cant afford wifi.
Image result for school hot lunchHow to order is you go on to the school website and click on where it says deejays or ordering you lunch and then choose what you want and order it and it will automatically be in your class room lunch order box .If you cant order it all the time be like me choose witch days you want to have a lunch order so i choose Fridays because it is the last day of the week and its good to finish the week with a snack but sometimes we run out of bread at home so sometimes i order a mince and cheese pie because there is no bread left in our cupboard.

So this is how to order your lunch at Reremoana school and remember its easier to order online then offline but all you people who don't have wifi well you've got no choice but to order offline.Just follow these steps and you will order a lunch in no time.

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