Thursday, 1 January 1970

How to order a lunch order

How to order a lunch order

Have you ever forgot to bring lunch or just want something you don't usually have well you should order a lunch order it is the easiest way to get some lunch you don't need to spend 10 minutes packing lunch just let the people who make the food do it for you.

First you have to look through what you want on our list of food and once you have chosen what you are wanting you should check the price and grab the money put it in the envelope and seal it.
then go to school and when you get there you find your class box and place it in.

Secondly when school starts the lunch monitor should take it over to the canteen where they will check everyone's order and cook it so it is warm when you pick it up.
when it is lunch you should remind the lunch order person to go and get it when they get back check your lunch order and your change.

So now that you have figured out how to order a lunch order I don't need to help you any more just remember that you have to check that your lunch order is in the container.

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